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The Mountain View Play and Stay Facility
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We are offering upscale boarding and daycare! Please call us at 360-719-2527 for details and to book your stay!

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Play & Stay:
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Miles' Seasonal Tip

Have a Wonderful Winter!

Lots of fun things take place during winter: families gather for festive parties, holidays are celebrated, and the landscape is blanketed first by colorful leaves, then sparkling snow. The cold months can be very enjoyable if you take time to prepare yourself and your pet.

How do you prepare? Let’s first go over three of the biggest obstacles your pet may face: increased risk of frostbite and hypothermia, antifreeze poisoning, hazardous holiday decorations.

You can prepare yourself and your pets for these obstacles with easy tips from our team. Take a look below to see what we have to say:

Frostbite and Hypothermia: Animals may be covered in fur, but their toes, ears, bellies, and noses are exposed to the cold. When it’s really cold outside, don’t leave your pet out for long periods of time. If your pet must be outside for extended periods of time, make sure they have a warm shelter with comfortable and dry blankets, fresh food, and fresh water. If you notice them shivering, or the exposed parts of their body are swollen or discolored, bring them in immediately to where it’s warm and call our practice to get the proper guidance.

Antifreeze: we use antifreeze to keep our cars running well in the winter. This chemical is definitely useful, but it’s also very poisonous to our pets. Pets are drawn to it because it smells and tastes sweet, but a very small amount of antifreeze can have severe consequences in pets that ingest it. Keep antifreeze in tightly sealed containers far out of your pet’s reach, and make sure any spills or puddles of antifreeze are cleaned up. If your pet ends up drinking antifreeze, call our practice right away.

Holiday foods: Pets can smell those wrapped goodies under the tree! And we all love to spoil our pets, but be careful offering rich foods or turkey bones, they can cause many health problems like pancreatitis and other digestive issues that can spoil your holiday party.

Holiday decorations: Some people really go all out when they decorate for the holidays. That’s great, but some of those decorations can be dangerous for our four-legged friends. Tinsel and ribbon can be choking hazards; broken ornaments can injure your pet externally, and internally if they swallow them; and poinsettias and mistletoe are toxic to our pets if ingested. To keep your pets and your decorations safe, try the following:

  • Keep delicate and glass ornaments far out of your pet’s reach
  • Use fake poinsettias and mistletoe
  • Forego tinsel and ribbon
  • Anchor Christmas trees to the walls so they won’t topple over on pets that bump into or jump on them


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